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Wanna Craft These Mesmerizing QR Arts Yourself? We’ve Got You Covered!

Dive into the world of aesthetic brilliance with our AiQrArt! Doubtful? Give it a whirl! Not only have we showcased our masterpieces, but we’ve also included the exact prompts we used. Punch in the prompts right now at: aiqrart.co Join our…

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Success case study with AI QRArt #1

“Hey, just wanna share a great experience i had with this ai qrart So I was having a hard time getting people to do my Google Form survey. I do the usual stuff: shared it on twitter, facebook, and put up…

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From Morse Code to QR Codes: The Evolution of Modern Scanning

Did you know that the humble QR code has roots dating back to the mid-1800s? What began as Morse code, used in telegraphy, has undergone an incredible transformation over the years. Let’s take a journey through time and technology. Morse Code…

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How QR Codes Redefine Traceability

The demand for traceability is on the rise in food industry. With QR codes becoming more accessible through smartphone cameras, consumers are now able to scan codes to unveil the story behind their favorite products. Connecting Ingredients and Stories As supply…

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QR Codes Weaving Timeless Tales

Picture this: a tranquil cemetery, the allure of gravestones drawing you in. Amidst the quiet, some stones hold secrets, waiting to be discovered in an unexpected way. A QR code etched onto a tombstone catches your eye. It’s a modern touch…

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