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Understanding the Diversity of Models in AIQrArt

Continuing our exploration of AIQrArt’s features, let’s focus on the available model selections – the AIQrArt Model and LoRA Model Selection.

Basic Understanding of AI Models

In AI art creation, a model is like a set of rules or a guide that the AI follows to create images. These models learn from lots of pictures and descriptions to understand how to turn text into visuals.

AIQrArt Model Selection: The Core of Your Art

The AIQrArt Model Selection is where the most significant impact on your QR art happens. These models define the primary artistic approach and style of your QR codes. Each model in this selection has a unique flavor, influencing the overall look of your art. With names often hinting at their visual style, these models allow for a tailored design experience.  

AIQrArt features over 20 models, offering a wide variety of styles to fit your unique identity. We are continuously testing and working to add more models to the platform, expanding your creative possibilities.

LoRA, which stands for Low-Rank Adaptation, offers a way to make precise adjustments to the AI’s functioning. Think of LoRA as a plugin or an additional layer that enhances a base model. It’s particularly valuable for those who wish to have a deeper influence on the style and details of their QR art.

It’s important to note that while you can only select one AIQrArt model at a time, you have the flexibility to choose several LoRA models at once.

Tips for Utilizing AIQrArt and LoRA Models: Look at the names and choose one that aligns with your desired style. Experiment to see how each model interprets your prompts. Use both AIQrArt and LoRA models to find the perfect balance between style and detail in your QR art.


AIQrArt offers a variety of models, including LoRA and its own special selections, to help you customize your QR codes. Whether you want a specific look or more control over your design, these models give you the tools to create attractive and unique QR codes.

Join us in our next post as we explore ‘Detail Refinement Steps’ in AIQrArt, a feature that significantly influences the quality of your QR code designs.

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