Day: November 17, 2023


Understanding the Randomness Seed in AIQrArt

This feature, rooted in the technology of Stable Diffusion on which AIQrArt is trained, plays a crucial role in the creation of your QR art. The seed concept is used to ensure consistency. In the world of AI and image generation,…

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Creativity vs Accuracy Balance in AIQrArt: Striking the Right Note

In AIQrArt, the “Creativity vs Accuracy Balance” is a critical feature that influences the final appearance and functionality of your QR code. This setting, which can be adjusted on a numeric scale, determines the balance between artistic expression and the practicality…

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Transformation Intensity in AIQrArt – Shaping Your QR Code’s Identity

In AIQrArt, “Transformation Intensity” is a key feature that lets you decide how much your starting image changes when you create a QR code. It’s like telling the AI how much freedom it has to change the original picture. This setting…

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Detail Refinement Steps in AIQrArt – Making Your QR Codes Better

In this part of our series, we look at the “Detail Refinement Steps” in AIQrArt.  “Detail Refinement Steps” in AIQrArt is about how many times the AI reviews and improves your input to create the QR code image. This is crucial…

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Model selection (1)

Understanding the Diversity of Models in AIQrArt

Continuing our exploration of AIQrArt’s features, let’s focus on the available model selections – the AIQrArt Model and LoRA Model Selection. Basic Understanding of AI Models In AI art creation, a model is like a set of rules or a guide…

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Negative Prompt

Introduction to Negative Prompts

Negative prompts play a crucial role in refining your QR code designs. Unlike a regular prompt where you describe what you want, a negative prompt is about specifying what you don’t want in your QR art. This feature is particularly useful…

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Prompt (1)

Mastering the Art of Prompts in AIQrArt

In this part of our series, we focus on the “Prompt” in AIQrArt, a key element that directs the AI in crafting your QR art. What is a Prompt? A Prompt is a text input that you give to guide the…

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Introduction to Advanced Customization in AIQrArt

Welcome to our “Knowledge Base” series, where we explore the advanced features of AIQrArt. This series will help you understand each feature, its background in Stable Diffusion technology, and how to use them to improve your brand’s identity. Understanding Customization: A…

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