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Transformation Intensity in AIQrArt – Shaping Your QR Code’s Identity

In AIQrArt, “Transformation Intensity” is a key feature that lets you decide how much your starting image changes when you create a QR code. It’s like telling the AI how much freedom it has to change the original picture. This setting ranges from 0 to 1, where 0 means no change to the initial image, and 1 allows for complete transformation.

This setting has a significant impact on your QR code:

  • Low Intensity (Close to 0): Here, the AI makes minimal changes, keeping your QR code similar to the initial image. This setting is ideal for designs where maintaining the original look is important.
  • High Intensity (Close to 1): At this level, the AI significantly alters the initial image, often leading to innovative and unexpected designs. This is suitable for when you want a completely new and artistic interpretation of your initial idea.

Please note that the changes might be minor and require close observation to notice. Can you spot the minor differences between these two versions?

To use Transformation Intensity effectively, decide how much you want to transform your initial image. Do you want to keep its core elements, or are you looking for a complete makeover?


Mastering the Transformation Intensity in AIQrArt allows you to control how much your initial design is altered, giving you the power to create QR codes that are unique and aligned with your brand’s identity. In our next post, we’ll explore another exciting feature of AIQrArt.

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