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Modern QR Art Exhibition: A New World Of Art By Elkoy Artist Collective

The Elkoy Artists Collective made waves with their revolutionary QR art exhibition. Showcasing an ingenious blend of art and technology, they transformed the traditional black and white QR Code into visually captivating masterpieces, without losing any of its core functions. Elkoy:…

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Secrets on Your Plate: The Invisible QR Code Art

At a glance, the four images presented seem like delightful culinary spreads. But take a closer look. Is that all there is to it? Here’s the twist – they’re actually an innovative example of invisible QR code art. Yes, that’s right!…

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5 Facts About QR Codes: More Than Just Scannable Squares

When you think of QR codes, those intriguing black and white squares that magically hold information might come to mind. But there’s much more to these digital wonders than meets the eye. Dive into these captivating facts about QR codes to…

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Hidden QR Codes in Your iPhone: A Clever Apple Efficiency Hack

Apple is known for paying great attention to detail and focusing on quality. But did you know that your iPhone has a hidden secret? Below its sleek design, there are not one, but two hidden QR codes. These tiny QR codes…

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QR Codes in OOH Advertising: Trends, Success Stories, and QR Art

In recent years, QR codes have become a potent tool in out-of-home (OOH) advertising, connecting the physical and digital worlds. Marketers are capitalizing on this trend to create interactive and measurable campaigns. The Trend of QR Codes in OOH Ads  The…

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The Power of AI Tools: Navigating the World with ToolPilot

When it comes to the world of AI tools, finding the right ones can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. But fear not, because ToolPilot is here to simplify your journey through the vast landscape of artificial intelligence….

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Ivory and Pastel Orange Modern Gradient Feature Comparison Chart Graph

What is A QR Code Art and How Can You Make One?

Learn what QR Code Art is and how to make QR code art using AI. Discover the benefits and features that make your QR codes not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing. QR codes have been around for a while, providing…

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AI generated art using Stable Diffusion of two women carrying shopping with the word 'hospitality' hidden within the image

The Reality Behind AI-Generated Art with Hidden Messages

Discover the truth about subliminal messages in AI art, and learn about the ControlNet approach. AI-generated art with hidden messages is the latest trend to capture our attention. These images are showing up all over social media, sparking both worry and…

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Where Art Meets Code. Revolutionize Your Brand's Identity with Unique, AI-Generated QR Art That is User-Friendly, Trackable, and Editable

5 Best QR Code Art Generators Tools (September 2023)

Discover the 5 best QR Code Art Generators and revolutionize your brand’s QR codes. Welcome to the world of QR code art generation, where innovation meets creativity. In this article, we’ll explore the 5 best QR Code Art Generators. From customizable…

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Coca-Cola is Riding the AI QrArt Wave! Why Haven’t You?

Coca-Cola’s innovative step into the future feels as invigorating as that first sip on a hot summer’s day. Using cutting-edge AI, they’ve reimagined QR codes to meld musical and visual elements seamlessly. These codes whisk you away to diverse scenes from…

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