Modern QR Art Exhibition: A New World Of Art By Elkoy Artist Collective

The Elkoy Artists Collective made waves with their revolutionary QR art exhibition. Showcasing an ingenious blend of art and technology, they transformed the traditional black and white QR Code into visually captivating masterpieces, without losing any of its core functions.

Elkoy: Leading the Charge in Artistic QR Design

Founded in 2020, Elkoy Artist Collective was born with a vision to revolutionize QR Code design. Their proprietary software allows for the transformation of generic QR codes into visually appealing artworks that still serve their main function. Born in France, the collective’s innovation has received praise from multiple sectors like luxury, fashion, and sportswear.

From Necessity to Innovation: The Journey of Art QR Code

The COVID-19 pandemic brought forth the need for touch-free tools, leading to the rise of QR codes. In this backdrop, Elkoy Artist Collective’s innovation came as an artist-led response. Unlike conventional QR codes, Art QR Codes are stylish and a true blend of tech and art. The codes aren’t just visually appealing; they hold a significant technological advancement behind them. Each unique code takes two designers six weeks to craft, combining software calculations, Photoshop scripts, and the final art production.

Elkoy’s Showcases: A Nod to Global Brands

Elkoy’s collaborations speak volumes about their ingenuity. Their notable works with Nike, Louis Vuitton, Panerai, and Ruinart stand as testaments to their mastery. Each piece serves as both an artistic statement and a brand touchpoint, linking the offline and online realms seamlessly. “It’s an efficient way to connect with your audience. While it’s a new approach to QR Code technology, it’s still a QR Code,” states Pakito, Art QR Code Manager at Elkoy.

Soho QR Art Exhibition: A Milestone

In 2022, Elkoy showcased their work in a memorable QR art exhibition at 89 Crosby Street, Soho. For two weeks, visitors got to see how Art QR Codes can change the way we view everyday tools. It was a step into the next big thing before it became widespread in North America.

Why Does It Matter?

It’s more than just making things look good. The process of creating an Art QR Code is intricate, with two designers working for six weeks on a single code. But the results stand out and offer brands a unique way to leave a mark.

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