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5 Best QR Code Art Generators Tools (September 2023)

Discover the 5 best QR Code Art Generators and revolutionize your brand’s QR codes.

Welcome to the world of QR code art generation, where innovation meets creativity. In this article, we’ll explore the 5 best QR Code Art Generators. From customizable designs to versatile applications, these QR code generators offer a wide range of features to elevate your brand’s marketing efforts.

1. AIQrArt

AIQrArt is a revolutionary platform where the worlds of art and QR codes converge. It offers a user-friendly, trackable, and editable solution for creating unique AI-generated QR art that can redefine your brand’s identity.


  • Beautiful AI QR Art: AIQrArt empowers users to create stunning AI QR art effortlessly. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, this platform enables brands to set themselves apart by breaking away from traditional QR codes and embracing a new level of creativity.
  • Artistic QR Customization: The platform lets users personalize QR codes to reflect their brand’s unique style. Users can select from various AI models, input prompts, and adjust creativity levels, allowing for extensive customization.
  • Ready-to-Go Templates: AIQrArt offers a diverse collection of templates catering to various industries, making QR code creation effortless. From art and design to finance and more, there’s a template to suit your needs.
  • Brand Logo Inclusion: Users can incorporate their brand logo into QR codes, enhancing recognizability and brand recall. 
  • Insightful QR Analytics: AIQrArt allows you to track scans, observe trends, and understand user behavior.
  • Affordable Pricing: AIQrArt offers a range of pricing plans, including a free lifetime account with limited capabilities, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

AIQrArt is a game-changer in the QR code landscape, allowing brands to infuse artistry and creativity into their marketing efforts. With its versatile features, user-friendly interface, and marketplace for QR artistry, AIQrArt offers a unique opportunity to revolutionize your brand’s identity.

2. Quick QR Art

Quick QR Art is a platform that simplifies the creation of scannable QR code art for brands, all generated within seconds by AI.


  • AI-Driven Artistry: Quick QR Art leverages the power of AI to instantly produce visually captivating QR code art. 
  • Customizable QR Codes: Users can personalize their QR codes, optimizing them for various use cases, whether it’s banners, logos, posters, stickers, or even t-shirts.
  • Effortless Legibility: The platform places a strong emphasis on legibility, ensuring that the QR codes remain functional while being aesthetically pleasing.
  • Comprehensive Tracking: Users can manage and statistically track their QR codes, gaining insights into audience engagement and interaction.

3. QR Code AI

QR Code AI offers a range of captivating AI-generated QR codes that can elevate your branding efforts to the next level.


  • AI-Enabled Personalization: QR Code AI leverages advanced AI algorithms to create custom QR codes that align seamlessly with your brand’s visual identity.
  • Amplified Brand Cohesion: The platform enhances your brand image by ensuring that QR codes integrate your brand’s color palette and logo, fostering consistent brand presentation across various marketing platforms. 
  • Ease of Integration: These AI-powered QR codes are user-friendly and can be effortlessly integrated into your existing marketing materials, digital platforms, product packaging, and more.

4. ArtQR – QR Code AI Art Generator

ArtQR is a potent AI-driven art QR code plugin designed for Chrome. This plugin harnesses the capabilities of AI drawing to generate personalized QR codes with just one click.


  • User-Friendly Chrome Plugin: ArtQR is a convenient Chrome plugin, making it easily accessible for users. Its user-friendly interface ensures that generating personalized QR codes is a hassle-free process.
  • Efficient History Tracking: ArtQR includes a feature that allows users to save and track nearly 50 generated QR codes, providing efficient access to previously created QR code art pieces.

5. Hugging Face Qr QR Code AI Art Generator 

QR Code AI Art Generator offers a unique approach to QR code creation by seamlessly blending artistry with technology. Using an innovative AI-driven system, it enables users to craft QR codes that transcend their traditional counterparts.


  • Natural Integration: The platform ingeniously employs the QR code image as both the initial and control image. This approach allows for the generation of QR codes that harmoniously merge with provided prompts, resulting in visually stunning codes.
  • Noise Control: Users have precise control over the QR code’s appearance. The “strength” parameter governs the level of noise introduced into the QR code. 
  • Versatility: Users can fine-tune the strength value, typically ranging between 0.8 and 0.95, and adjust the conditioning scale from 0.6 to 2.0.

These 5 Best QR Code Art Generators leverage AI and creativity to redefine branding and digital engagement. With the fusion of technology and creativity, they empower businesses to stand out and engage customers like never before. Don’t miss out on the QR code revolution – start creating stunning QR art today.

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