AI generated art using Stable Diffusion of two women carrying shopping with the word 'hospitality' hidden within the image

The Reality Behind AI-Generated Art with Hidden Messages

Discover the truth about subliminal messages in AI art, and learn about the ControlNet approach.

AI-generated art with hidden messages is the latest trend to capture our attention. These images are showing up all over social media, sparking both worry and fascination. In this blog, we’ll take you through the key aspects of AI-generated art with hidden words, focusing on the ControlNet method and what’s really going on with subliminal messages in AI-created pictures.

Understanding ControlNet

ControlNet is the leading method behind this art trend. It lets users make images with hidden text or visuals. This method uses the AI tool called Stable Diffusion. It lets you put any black-and-white pattern into images, making what looks like optical illusions or “subliminal messages.” As Apolin√°rio Passos, an AI expert at HuggingFace, explains: this tool makes a “uniform picture” with mixed patterns, leading to some interesting visual effects.

Examples of AI-Generated Art with ControlNet

The internet is filled with examples of AI-generated art using this method. Each art piece hides words or symbols in creative ways. For example, an image showing a rainy street subtly hides the word “OBEY” in the clothing of people walking by. This detail might not be obvious at first glance.

Another illustration conceals the word “HOSPITALITY,” showcasing the diverse applications and the potential impact of hidden messages within AI-generated artworks.

Is the Hype Real?

Although it sounds exciting, experts say the idea of secret messages is overblown. These hidden details are not as secret as you might think. Passos notes that it is unlikely this technology will be used to secretly place brand logos or products into pictures for sneaky reasons.

The Future and Concerns

Like other forms of AI art, these images have their own set of issues. They can potentially mislead people, just like deepfakes can. These realistic images can trick viewers, so it’s important to be careful and think critically when looking at AI art.


As we understand more about AI-generated art with hidden messages, it’s important to know what’s real and what’s not. ControlNet offers a fresh way to make art, but it’s crucial to look at these images carefully and think about what you’re seeing.

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