How QR Codes Redefine Traceability

The demand for traceability is on the rise in food industry. With QR codes becoming more accessible through smartphone cameras, consumers are now able to scan codes to unveil the story behind their favorite products.

Connecting Ingredients and Stories

As supply chain delays draw attention to food sources and consumers’ social consciousness grows, QR codes offer an opportunity for a deeper connection between you and your customers. By scanning a QR code, consumers are directed to a webpage that reveals the journey from raw ingredients to finished goods.

Building Trust, One Scan at a Time

QR codes build trust by letting providers to share their brand story directly with consumers. Unlike traditional packaging, QR codes offer the flexibility to update information overnight, fostering transparency and trust along the way.

Sustainable Sourcing, Step by Step

QR codes aren’t just about trust; they’re also about sustainability. Canadian-based Grain Discovery uses blockchain technology to trace grain from field to processing, showcasing the ingredient’s story and ensuring quality.

Whether you’re a startup or a well-established brand, QR codes empower you to share your unique journey.

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