The Evolution of QR Codes: 5 Innovative Marketing Campaigns

QR codes have evolved beyond mere information carriers. They’ve become canvases for art, innovation, and storytelling. As we witness the fusion of art and QR technology, brands are stepping up to craft campaigns that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional. In this post, brought to you by AIQrArt blog, we’ll highlight five QR code campaigns that exemplify this synergy.

5 Innovative QR Code Campaigns

YUENGLING revealed world’s largest QR code grown from crops

Yuengling introduced interactive beer coasters using QR codes to present their history. Scanning the code led users to a 190th-anniversary website, sharing rich tales from the company’s past. An ideal blend of tradition and technology.

The VivoCity Codeys

VivoCity, Singapore’s largest retail and lifestyle destination, showcased 10 Codeys – adorable cartoon-like figures with scannable QR codes. These characters not only lured shoppers with their charm but also offered exclusive deals, creating a fun and rewarding shopping experience.

Coca-Cola AI Qr Art Campaign For New Flavor

Coca-Cola reimagined the QR code by integrating art with AI. As part of their Coke Studio global music platform, they debuted illustrative QR codes crafted by artist Troy Ni. These QR codes direct users to the MV “Be Who You Are“, making them more artistic and interactive, thereby enhancing out-of-home engagement.

Emart: The Shadow QR code 

Emart’s campaign showcased a unique installation composed of 441 pillars. These pillars cast shadows to form a perfect QR code only at noon, ingeniously merging the analog and digital worlds while adding an element of time-bound exclusivity.

Super Bowl: The Coinbase’s bouncing QR code

Coinbase’s Super Bowl commercial took the iconic bouncing DVD logo meme and turned it into a colorful bouncing QR code. The 60-second ad featured a floating and colorful QR code bouncing around the screen, similar to a bouncing DVD logo. Directing viewers to a promotional site, this clever design choice not only grabbed attention but also drove significant traffic.


As technology progresses, so do the ways in which brands reach their audience. These 5 innovative QR code campaigns showcase the boundless creativity and potential in merging art with technology. Whether it’s through an art installation or a Super Bowl ad, brands are finding novel ways to grab attention, drive engagement, and foster deeper connections with their audience.

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