Emart’s Sunlit Shadows: A QR Revolution (Scroll till the end for a special treat)

Back in 2012, when most thought of QR codes as mere 2D patterns, Emart, Korea’s leading retailer, turned to the Sun to revolutionize their approach. Here’s the magic they wove between the analog and digital worlds.

Sunlight’s Midday Marvel

Every day, between 12 to 1 pm, the Sun crafted a perfectly scannable QR code from the shadows of specially curated 3D installations. But this wasn’t just for show. Seoul’s curious denizens were led to special offers, with over 12,000 grabbing a coupon.

Boosting Sales with Shadows

Facing a lull during lunchtime sales, Emart’s sunlit QR strategy was not just an artistic endeavor but a masterstroke in marketing. Their innovative move resulted in a staggering 25% boost in sales during those previously quiet hours.

The QR Evolution

Moving beyond the 2D realm of ones and zeros, Emart unveiled a QR experience with depth, height, and width. This time-sensitive 3D marvel not only captured eyes but also underscored the element of scarcity.

 A Global Ovation

Their genius blend of art and technology earned Emart accolades from Cannes Lions, Spikes Asia, and the London International Awards.

Rethinking QR for your brand?

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